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Welcome to Mtnman Mike's Retreat
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Beginning of my private road
Beginning of my private road 
This is the beginning of my private road just off Wyoming state highway 70. This yellow and black arrow sign is on the edge of the paved highway. And there is a stop sign to the left not seen here. This is also the private road that goes to a few other cabins many that have been built within the last ten years or so. This private dirt road goes in a loop and this is the only entrance and exit. Although I know one other steep rugged 4wheel drive road I could use to get out if necessary. I am showing this pic Just in case any might come to see me and they can see the entrance - also this entrance is about eleven miles from Encampment, Wyoming - the nearest town.

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Thanks for showing these inspirational pics of your years of hard work. You have some excellent skills, and it shows in what you have put together there.
MoonMist | April 25, 2009

I would like to get in contact with you. I have several questions to ask and i am really curious on some of them.
You have done a great job in setting everything up there in the mountains. I hope you keep up the good work
Dave | | September 03, 2009

You are a real inspiration. Thank you for posting all of these wonderful photos.
Terry | | November 19, 2009

Thank you for your commit I just believe that the Rockies would be a good spot to E&E for any reason like what happened in Katrina and else where in the world if you can't get to another country you can go to the Rockies and survive most anything. I would have messaged you on the forum but they said I didn't have enough post so I came here.

Hawkins 562 OUT!
Hawkins562 | | March 12, 2010

Great pics Mike! Great country as well! THAT is an area I'd love to call "home'! Rick
desert wanderer | | April 28, 2010

Hi Mike!

Your underground shelter looks awesome! I can tell you've put a ton of work into it, more so than many of the other bunkers I've come across online. I work in casting for Good Clean Fun Productions out of Los Angeles and am working on a project about disaster preparedness for TLC Network. If you'd be interestedin sharing your story, I would love to hear from you! I can be reached at or at 310-842-9300.

Hope to hear from you!

Shannon Green | | February 09, 2011

MY EMAIL If any Wish To Send me any comments or questions, I Will Answer Eventually. And THANKS for All of the Comments >

If any do not know I spend from mid June to Nov. on this remote mtn survival retreat.
Mtnman Mike | | March 30, 2011

I love this site. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work. Can't wait for more pics.
Cathy Menard | | April 25, 2011